About Me

  1. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio….never mind our river was set ablaze, we have a great ethnic food scene!
  2. I grew up in the carnival.  My parents had rides, games, food, the whole lot of it.  But no, I don’t smell like cabbage (well maybe sometimes).  I worked in the family business for almost 20 years.  “Step right up, step right up, we got cot-ton can-dyyy, corn dOOgs, French friiies, caramel ap-ples, POP cooorn. Whose next, whooose next?

    I will never grow out of this!

  3. I received my BA in Anthropology in 2002, followed that with a nutrition certification and then became a registered yoga teacher in 2007.  I know, what a hippie…
  4. I joined the Peace Corps in May 2010 and am living in the Fiji islands in the South Pacific until July of 2012.  Fiji was once called the Cannibal islands….I will NOT be re-establishing that tradition!
  5. If this were an interview and they asked me “What is your biggest weakness?”  I would have to reply “anything that has to do with exact measurements.”   I’m allergic to numbers so I do my best to report the correct amount.  While I’m not a math-maestro I am a stickler for reproducibility.
  6. My favorite food is the endlessly versatile coconut…thankfully no shortage of that in Fiji.

    Fresh Fijian Coconuts. Soon to be turned into coconut milk.

  7. I express love through food, so I hope you have a big appetite.

Ditch your fork so you can enjoy the experience of eating with your hands!

Click on the “home” tab and see what I’ve been cooking.


Me (right) and my sister Anna, the budding carnies.


7 responses

  1. Will be following this Rosie — are you going to post the lumi recipe?? Couldn’t get gresh coconut milk here, but it sounds “trish delish” as a British friend of mine used to say. Love / hugs always, jenfoo

  2. Hey Sara,

    My name is Jonny, I am a RPCV from W. Africa (08-10). I am actually from Akron too! I am currently trying to put together a Peace Corps cookbook featuring recipes from PC countries around the world. I am currently looking for a recipe from Fiji and noticed your blog and was hoping you could help.

    I just have a couple of questions about national food from Fiji..Please send an email back if you are interested. It sounds like you know a lot about food from out there from the blog…
    Much thanks,

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    • Julia!! Congratulations on taking steps towards one of the best decisions you will ever make! Please feel free to email my personal acct at rose-pose@sbcglobal.net I would love to share with you my gf/df experiences while in PC. Once you email me I can give you my number & it will probably be easier to chat. Blessings.

  4. Hi, Sara,
    Your site popped up while browsing bele recipes – your recipes are about as authentic as they can get and the whole site is thoroughly enjoyable especially with your unabashed enthusiasm for Fiji. We feel the same, so much so that we have made it our home. Judging from your surname, Magyar must figure highly in your heritage – same in our case – not many of us around here. Also, your favorite quotes contain several of mine too. Sure wish we could have met you while you were here. Vinaka vakalevu,
    Savusavu, Vanua Levu
    Savusavu, Vanua

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