Contest! Name That Exotic Fiji Food!

Read the info below and check out the pictures of one of my favorite fruits in Fiji!  The first person to guess correctly gets a round trip flight to….oh, sorry not quite…but what you WILL get is a personalized post card from me from Fiji!

One rule though, if you are from Fiji or have lived in Fiji please DON’T GUESS!  Give our over-seas friends a chance.

A bowl of the tasty fruit......hmmm, what am I?

Here are your clues:

1.      Around the tropical world, these fruits are mostly eaten out-of-hand and can also be a dark purple in color.  They are a light yellow/green color when un-ripened and have a large pit in the center about the size of a nutmeg.

2.      The fruit is made into jam or jelly with lemon juice added, or more frequently preserved in combination with other fruits of more pronounced flavor. In Jamaica, the fruits are candied by stewing them in a sugar syrup with cinnamon.  In Fiji, people only eat them out of hand or make pickles out of the un-ripened fruit.   In Fiji they are not cultivated and grow in the wild.

3.      The season in Fiji just ended and runs from early December to mid January.

4.      Mild in flavor and sweetness with a silky smooth texture I fell in love at first bite.  This is one of the foods I will miss the most when I leave Fiji!

For size comparison....this fruit would not be eaten with eggs.